… Among Seventh-day Adventists there is a great zeal–and I am not saying there is any too much–to work in foreign countries; but it would be pleasing to God if a proportionate zeal were manifested to work the cities close by. His people need to move sensibly. They need to set about this work in the cities with serious earnestness. Men of consecration and talent are to be sent into these cities, and set at work. Many classes of laborers are to unite in conducting these efforts to warn the people. {NPU Gleaner, April 13, 1910 par. 9}

The Mission and Purpose of Last Call Out Ministries is basically twofold based on two specific needs that we have either felt or witnessed that aren’t to our knowledge being met by other ministries at least to the extent that it is our purpose to fulfill.

Those two specific needs are these:

The need for many Bible Workers and Medical Missionaries to go into the large cities of America from outpost centers to work side by side doing door to door work helping people with their physical needs and giving the last warning message to a dying world.

The need to assist God’s people who are heeding the call to move out of the cities into country locations by providing training in practical lines, to be more independent from the energy systems of the world and assisting the transition from city to country living so that they can go forward quickly in doing whatever work God has called them to do to hasten His coming.

In meeting these needs, Last Call Out Ministries is committed to carefully studying and following Spirit of Prophecy and Biblical counsel in all our endeavors as well as working closely with the local churches, conferences and other entities of the organized Seventh-day Adventist church.

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Last Call Out has designed some small house plans which can be used to help others move out into the country at a low cost. If you are interested in having Last Call Out help Read more…

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